Wellington brings two Smits together

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Bloemfontein resident Johan Smit enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when his name was drawn as the winner of the Wellington VO Brandy Win A Braai With Springbok Captain John Smit competition.

Johan Smit has been a staunch Wellington Brandy supporter since 1996. "I was so surprised when the Wellington brandy representative phoned to inform me that I had won the competition.

"I must have asked him at least three times if he wasn't Pieter Mller of OFM radio station as Pieter has a prank call slot and I was convinced that it was him trying to play a trick on me. I was really excited when I finally realised that it wasn't Pieter on the phone and that I had really won the competition.

"What can I say! I really enjoy my Wellington Brandy. John Smit is such a nice guy and this was really an unforgettable experience. We spoke about Bloemfontein and rugby of course. He even gave me his mobile number and told me to give him a call the next time that I am in Durban. Winning this prize was awesome and I really had a fantastic time in Cape Town," he said.

The Win A Braai with John Smit competition was initiated to create awareness of Wellington VO Brandy's sponsorship of Springbok rugby during the Tri-Nations series.

According to Wellington Brandy brand manager Schalk van Wyk, John Smit is by far the most recognisable Springbok rugby player. "John Smit has proven to be one of SA's most successful rugby captains and it is an honour for Wellington VO Brandy to be associated with such an inspirational personality.

"The competition was hosted in over 300 off-trade liquor stores nationwide. In addition to the main prize, 300 awesome Springbok-branded Weber braais were also up for grabs (one Weber braai per store).

"This competition attracted over 12 000 entries, which is really satisfying as consumers had to purchase a bottle of Wellington VO Brandy each time they wanted to enter. The braai with John Smit was fantastic. Our Springbok captain is really charismatic and ensured that this experience was extremely memorable," said Van Wyk.

Two of Johan Smit's friends also joined the braai which took place in an apartment overlooking Camps Bay.

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