Pirates’ Hideout

Corozal Bay’s Best Kept Secret!


Pirates' Hideout Guest house sits on the North Eastern tip of Corozal Town directly across from the ancient seaside Mayan ruin of Cerros, which strategically overlooks the mouth of the New River and the Rio Hondo (Deep River).
Pirates’ Hideout

A Place for Pirates and Buccaneers


Pirates once used the area where this guest house is as a safe refuge when evading larger Spanish vessels which could only navigate in the high seas and could not follow the smaller pirate boats into the shallow waters of the Corozal Bay.

A Place for Retreat and Adventure on a Budget


We have prepared this little exotic tropical paradise for lovers, office workers seeking relief from everyday stress, fishing enthusiasts, Maya ruins explorers, rain forest nature trail lovers and especially for the everyday adventurer with a limited budget. Local Belizeans and foreign tourists are always welcome.
Our lodging and tour charges are some of the lowest in the entire country while offering superior quality
Pirates’ Hideout

A Place for Survival Training


If you are a shooting enthusiast, then we welcome you to our shooting range by the sea where you can either do target practice or combat survival practice with handguns, shotguns or rifles.
Persons who practice or are interested in practicing Martial arts, are welcomed to join our Shotokan group.

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