Pirates’ Hideout
Finca Solana Road
Corozal Town, Northern Belize

The natural setting was once used by pirates who could come in to the shallow waters of the Corozal Bay and escape from the larger Spanish vessels which could only navigate in the high seas.

Whatever you decide to do with your time at Pirates' Hideout, you have access to the lovely bay, and at night, the moon and the stars. You can choose to relax inside or have lunch outside on the picnic tables.

 There are several caba?as that are designed for your comfort and pleasure.

There are many interesting trees and plants found on the property. On the left is a young Teak tree (Teconia grandis), with wood used in furniture. On the right, a Variegated Agave plant has been adapted to live uniquely on a tree!

There are dozens of types of croton plants (left), and many are found in Belize. The leaves come in a variety of shapes and colors. On the right is a Calabash Tree (Cresentia cujetel), the fruit of which the Mayas used for making utensils.

Belize is rich in flora, and orchids are crown jewels in this environmental treasure-house. There are hundreds in the orchid genus, and thousands of species. A breathtaking number of these are found in Belize. Some of these grace the grounds at Pirates' Hideout. Here are a few in bloom. We will add more as we get pictures of them.